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EarthStation1.com is the world's first first historical sound and image archive, having been founded for that purpose on March 26, 1996. Its contents remain permanently archived online and are being added to continually. Most of this material has been created, digitally remastered and/or enhanced to provide the highest quality digitations possible. Great care has been taken to obtain the highest quality original media possible from museums, archives, libraries and private collections worldwide. Many hours have been spent on some single files, while others have taken weeks or even months to create. The especial results of these efforts have been the development of a number of digitizing processes - audio, video and imaging - which produce media of superior resolution (distinguished on the site by long file names) than those made using traditional methods.

As time goes by, I hope you'll continue to visit EarthStation1.com as it grows into a more complete virtual archive. It's been your repeated visits & links to EarthStation1.com that have made it the success that it is on the web, and I continue to look forward to giving you as many reasons to return in the future as I have sought to give you in the past.

J. C. Kaelin, Jr.
Webmaster / Digitizer / Owner

Background Picture, a segment from "SunsetDuringMA-6Mission#1.jpg", is from John Glenn's Mercury Space Flight and is available here.

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