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You've most likely seen many of these wavs in many many archives on the Internet - but you most probably don't know that my humble self made 'em : ) . Between Spring and Summer of '96, that is - about 300 - all prefixed by "bb", "dd", "ef", "fl", "pp", "wb" (except those followed by a "-"), "ys", etc. to distinguish them as my own, and which I posted at length to alt.binaries.sounds.cartoons. Since then, they've travelled all over the Net.

Between then and December 12th, 1997, even though I run EarthStation1.com, I didn't make a page for them, mainly due to time constraints & efforts spent working on other pages. I was then at last proud to be able to make them available at the EarthStation1.com website, complete with file descriptions and episodal info.

Some of the files featured here, however, were not made by me, and can be distinguished by their names not conforming to the prefix conventions mentioned. The sources for these have been usenet and any one of a number of good Looney Tunes Pages on the net.


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