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The Austin Powers Wavs Page

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All Sound & Pictures digitized 1997-1998 J. C. Kaelin, Jr..

This page showcases *the largest Internet sound file collection ever created devoted to a single title (224 Wavs!)*. It is the largest because, out of all the source media titles I've ever digitized a wav collection from (and there have been many, as this website evinces), this one, bar none, was the richest in wavable excerpt material. I am sure this film will come to be recognized in cinematic history for what it so obviously is - a true masterpiece of genuine genius.

This page opened the night Michael Myers ("Austin Powers") presented the Oscar for Best Sound Effects at the 70th Academy Awards. Although he himself didn't win an Oscar at the ceremonies, I believe he should have. He's won a number of other awards for the film since then, to the credit of the various awards committees, but by far the best award that could be bestowed upon him is the sincere realization by the public of the outstanding contribution this film has made to contemporary pop culture. By *that* measure, baybee, he's shagadelic, he's switched on, he's groovy, he's smashing!

J. C. Kaelin, Jr.
Webmaster & Digitizer

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