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The Selma Marches
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Rev. King addresses assembled demonstrators before their first of three marches from Selma to the Montgomery, Alabama Courthouse in order to be registered to vote.

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One of the great and sad moments of History, and the first time an atrocity was broadcast same-day on television: Civil Rights marchers make their first attempt to make their way to the Montgomery Courthouse. After they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River, Alabama State Troopers blocked their further passage and 'dispersed' this peaceful assembly with billy clubs and tear gas. This was to become the known as the first of three "Marches from Selma".

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From the above, as Civil Rights marchers make their first attempt to get past the far end of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Alabama State Troopers block their passage and order the crowd to disperse.

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From the same, troopers 'disperse' the peaceful assembly with billy clubs and tear gas.

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From the same, the order given the troopers to 'disperse' the crowd.

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The March attempts to resume two days later in what became the second March from Selma, this time with many more marchers and the support of large numbers of clergy and White liberals from both north and south. Not having had a court injunction preventing their March overturned, however, they turned back at the far end of the Edmund Pettus bridge, under the direction of Martin Luther King, after a moving moment of kneeled prayer lead by Rev. Ralph Abernathy.

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From the above, one of the most haunting and moving sound files it's ever been my privilege to make - the Selma Marchers sing "Ain't gonna let no dogs go and turn me 'round".

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From the same, at the request of Dr. King, Rev. Abernathy leads a prayer at the far end of the Edmund Pettus bridge before the assembled marchers turned around.

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Rev. King leads a prayer for the three Unitarian Ministers who were beaten (one of whom later died of his wounds) as a direct result of their participation in the second Selma March.

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On 3/19/65, President Johnson federalized select units of the Alabama National Guard and ordered them to protect the Selma Marchers all the way from Selma to the Montgomery Courthouse. The March began two days later and picked up huge popular and celebrity support along the way, until finally on 3/25 they reached the Courthouse where they assembled to listen to Dr. King deliver a rousing and finely moral speech before they finally went into the Courthouse to register to vote.

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From the above, Dr. King's speech.

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