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Preachers On Parade

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Folks, you can't make stuff like this up - Mrs. Betty Hinn speaks of her outreach ministry's prescription for getting right with the Holy Ghost - an enema. That's right, an enema. Were it not for intrepid souls like Clay Loomis finding & digitizing this material, my soul, let alone my bowels, might notta ever been saved!

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Fundamentalist preacher Dr. Impe alerts his audience to a nationwide sex-in-public consipiracy that is planning to use Rock 'n'Roll music to "crumble the morals of American Youth".

Download Selection LorinSwelk-beat2.wav

A choice mix of audio samples from the above wav file, created & submitted by that superior musical mutant, Lorin Swelk.

Download Selection Glowing-in-the-Dark_Blessed_Cross.wav

Huckster W. V. Grant dreamed up this one. Here's a pic of the thing.

Download Selection Goddrug.wav

A gift from a frequent and gifted contributor, K. P. Kaligari, this is an excerpt from "The Kiowa Peyote Meeting", which explains why God want us to use psychedelic drugs.

Download Selection jonesbig.wav

Rev. Jim Jones, "The Kool Aid Kid", talks about his "big plans", "both here, there and everywhere".

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A 56 Kbps RealMedia file compressed from an EarthStation1.com digital remaster of Jim Jones' audio cassette recording of the infamous Jonestown Massacre, complete in its (publicly released) 43 minute form.

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Download Selection John_Hagee.wav

Rev. John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, TX tells us what's greater than any number of kinds of brew.

Download Selection Johnathan_Bell_1.wav

Episode One of the Canadian child molesting convict turned Dallas born-again preacher Jonathan Bell. In this episode, this defender of the faith handles ministers of the Church of Satan appearing in his apartment, the Dallas Police force and reading the bible while driving in a car he hasn't seen since it was stolen.

Download Selection Johnathan_Bell_2.wav

In this episode, his last before he disappeared from pursuing police, the Rev. Bell really loses it as he recounts his being attacked by a demon assassin in his apartment, dreams of naked people in hell (no children!) and testifies about personal poverty dressed in a tuxedo.

Download Selection JVI_Cursing_in_School.wav

Jack and Rexella Van Impe explain, completely straight-faced, that cursing in school is caused by "an E.T. called 'Satan'".

Download Selection JVI_Extraterrestrials.wav

A recent ad for one of Jack Van Impe's latest VHS vapidities, "Extraterrestrials: Global Invasion Approaching".

RealAudio 3.0 version.

Download Selection vanimpe_.wav

A Van Impe collage by a fellow WFMU Radio webmaster YHB.

Download Selection koresh01.wav

The answer to David's question's pretty obvious.

Download Selection koresh02.wav

David drills the faithful in this famous clip from Australian TV.

Download Selection possessd.wav

An unidentified preacher addresses his radio audience on the question "Can a Christian be Demon possessed".

Download Selection potbrick2.wav

Another contributed production by our good friend Clay Loomis, this one of Dr. Fred Price of "The Ever Increasing Faith Ministries" in California. It's his prescription for how to love drug dealers into loving Jesus Christ - smash their heads in with a brick. Yes, really!

Download Selection radio1.wav

Lay your hands on the radio!

Download Selection sin.wav

Jimmy Swaggert's famous "I have sinned against you!".

Download Selection Tinkfal3.wav

A production contributed by the wholly St. Alphonso, featuring the continuing adventures of Rev. Jerry Falwell and his never-ending attempts to convince us all of the Satanic perils of Tinky Winky. Would that all such accusations were so clearly silly!!!

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