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Then Head of the Nazi legal division, the future peacetime Reich Law Leader & Commissioner of Justice, and wartime Governor General of Occupied Poland, was pressed into service as Hitler's representative in Austria just prior to their failed 1934 Nazi putsch attempt there. In this clip he meets with fellow Reich's Minister Frauenfeld, supposedly to publicly "thank" him for the "warm reception" he received, but really to let loose before the newsreel cameras with a Hitleresque tirade: "Many thanks, Herr Frauenfeld, for you hearty welcome. It is with great joy that I stand here, where our Führer, the head of the National Socialist Worker's Party, began his life as a simple manual laborer. Here, in this German outpost in the East, I am proud to proclaim anew that Adolf Hitler is proud of his Vienna homeland, and that he knows the Viennese give their allegiance to him and his movement, to his idea of peace among nations, to his idea of the nation's welfare, and to his idea of freedom and racial health in the life of the people."

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