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Andrei Vishinsky

Download Selection Vishinsky_'Shoot_them'.wav - The rabid State Prosecutor of the Soviet "Show Trials" of 1936: "Our whole country, from child to old man, expects and demands one thing: to shoot traitors and spies who betrayed our Motherland - to shoot them like vile dogs. Our people demand only one thing: to crush this vermin."

Download Selection Vishinsky_-_'Destroyed_without_mercy'.wav - "I think it is clear to all now that these wreckers and diversionists, whether they be Trotskyites or Bukharinites, have already long since ceased to be politically in tune with the workers. They have turned into an unprincipled band of professional wreckers, disgusting diversionists, spies and murderers. It's clear that these men must be rooted out and destroyed without mercy."

Download Selection Vishinsky_-_'Judas_Iscariots'.wav - "They are plotting high treason. They are prepared to open up the border of our country. They are ready to open wide a gate for the foreign aggressor, but they want to present this dirty business not as their handywork, but as someone elses. And now, theses Jesuits, these Pharisees, these Judas Iscariots are raising their voices, pretending to be real Soviet patriots".

Download Selection Vishinsky_-_'The_mask...is_torn_off'.wav - "The game is over! The mask of theses traitors is torn off their faces, and it is torn off once and for all!"

Download Selection Vishinsky_-_'The_game_is_over!'.wav - From the above: "The game is over!"

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