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George Wallace


Eugene "Bull" Conner was a racist with a difference. In order to prevent Dr. King, SCLC, CORE and the rest of the Civil Rights Movement from obtaining support for their cause in Montgomery Alabama, the Public Safety Commissioner organized a campaign of non-violent opposition to the non-violent civil rights protestors. He reasoned, correctly, that it was the brutality of segregation broadcast on television that was the most powerful tool the Civil Rights Movement had in dramatizing their plight to the Nation, so he cynically ordered that all measures be taken to simply put civil disobedients in jail and avoid all appearance of violent repression. He was unfortunately quite successful in using this tactic for some time. Here he preaches to his troops the same old racist bigotry preached by other southern segregationists of the period (along with some crude remarks about the Kennedys), but he also rouses support for his non-violent repressive tactics in a manner as unique as it is frightening.

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As Civil Rights marchers make their first attempt to make their way to the Montgomery Courthouse to register to vote, Alabama State Troopers on the far side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River block their passage and order the crowd to disperse.

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One of the great and sad moments of History, and the first time an atrocity was broadcast same-day on television, the troopers 'disperse' the peaceful assembly with billy clubs and tear gas.

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From the above, the order given the troopers to 'disperse' the crowd.

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