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The Magical Pantheon Of Wagner's Ring
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Part VIII:


The Horse of Waite's' Key XIX, with the Sun-Child riding upon him carrying the banner of the new order. Carrier of the two children of Wotan the Sun-God's lineage playing about the Key XIX fairy Ring of other decks. Battlehorse of both the feminine carrier of Wotan's old order Banner, and the masculine carrier of Siegfried's new order Banner. A single image for the two Sphinxes pulling the Chariot of Key VII and the two Horses that pull the Chariot of the Magical Image of Geburah. Pegasus, the Flying Horse. The Chief Walkuren's Flying Horse, symbolized by Key VII's Winged Solar Disk. Intuition, Inspiration and Imagination - Self, Sub and Super Consciousness - the powers by which our solar hearts may soar into the Empyrean. The resolution of Key 0's Celestial winged Eagle (the Celestial Kerubs of Scorpio and Aquarius resolved) and Terrestrial quadruped Dog (the Terrestrial Kerubs of Taurus and Leo resolved) into the flying quadruped Horse of the Kerub Brunnhilde. Before Siegfried wakes Brunnhilde, Grane appears to him as bird; after waking her, Grane becomes the terrestrial horse upon whom the Sun-Child Fool Siegfried goes forth on his travels.

Siegfried (Sigurd)

("Victory's Peace")

Key 0 The Blonde-haired Fool. Key 0 the Monad (1) eccentricly (0) clothed in and bound by the universe. Key 0 #1 Hero of the World (0) dressed in wild forest clothing, bast-rope girdle around his waist. Key 0 the Candidate in Masonry and related fraternities, wearing a rope tied around his waist. One too Foolish and Innocent to know fear. Freedom and Free Will - especially Universal Freedom (Key XXI The World - dominion over servitude) and Universal Free Will (Key X The Wheel - enrichment over poverty - for good or bad - "for better or worse"). Key 0 the Primordial Sun, which is physically Key XIX The Sun. The Triple Crown of Keys X, XXI and XIX - the Wheel, the Sun, the Universe - KThR, Kether.

Key 0 the Fool bearing the Rose. Key 0 Siegfried, called the "Rosy Hero" - an expression referring to Tiphareth in terms of symbol, color and character. Christian Rosenkreuz. Parzival. Free will in opposition to convention. Heroic persual of Truth.

Key 0 Prometheus Unbound, whose Fiery Intelligence will usher in the new age of man with the burning of Walhall. Spirit. Spirit of Aither. The fresh air (aleph) of youth and renewal (aiyn). Key 0 the Ring that is naught. The Ring That Is Not. Unfettered being, unlike the perpendicular path of Key XV/Alberich, Prometheus Bound. Wild, untamed, innocent youth, and its intensity - exulting and raging, yearning and defying, impatient to experience a larger world than what surrounds him.

Understander of birdsongs. Pan with his reed pipe bested in contest by the solar song of Grane. The Lord of the Woods. Pan, the Sun and the Bright side of Saturn. The dumb man who understands how to speak to birds, like the eagle of Key 0.

Blower of the trumpet blasts to fell the walls of Jericho. The trumpet blast is said to bring the end of the world in the Apocalypse; Siegfried's trumpet will usher in no less, as it harbinges the fall of Valhalla and the end of the Gods.

The Fool longing for Love. Siegfried longing for loving companionship, this bringing nothing but Wolf and Bar (Bear) when playing his merry call on his little silver trumpet. Gabriel, the Archangel most often associated with the Trumpet blast at the end of time, an event depicted on Key XX Judgment, has silver attributed to him by virtue of his station in the Moon Sephira, Yesod.

Harpocrates. Siegfried who instincitively touched his finger to his lips and learned to understand the nature of the speech of birds. Taster of the burning blood of the Dragon when he draws Nothung from Fafner's heart. Harpocrates who looked after his father Osiris' funerary arrangements, and received blessing for it. Siegfried who is dumb in the "Sign of Silence", as depicted on the G.D. Key 0, along with the image of his father, a wolf.

Siegfried Justified, killing Mime out of necessity. The justification the mid-point of the Major Arcana Tableau - Key XI, Justice with her Sword between the Opposing Pillars of the Universe. Alike in form, as near together as they are apart in the Major Arcana, as are Aither and Mist - dual and opposing representations of the same thing. Siegfried with just claim to initiation - having been of due trial, and never having never been denied.

Siegfried, master of Walhall and Nibelheim - overthrowing the rule of the former, and empowered by the Ring of the latter - unaffected by the Ring's curse becuase he does not know of its power.

Siegfried chaste wooer of Brunnhile when he won her a second time - pointing to his sword, saying "as between East and West is the North, so far was Brunnhile from him."

Siegfried, for whose "betrayal" Brunnhilde, Gunther and Hagen all agree must result in "Siegfried falle" (Siegfried falls - pg 226)

Supposedly killed by a boar - sacred to Froh.

Fafner as Dragon

The Dragon, symbol of Saturn. Key XXI, Saturn, whose animal attribution is the lizard crocodile. Tav, Cross or Mark, letter of Saturn, the path of the tail of the Serpent of Wisdom. Tav, the Cross upon which Moses carried the Serpent before his people in the desert. The serpent whose coils are represented by the Ring of Key XXI. Saturn, center of the Qabalistic Cube of Space, as Tiphareth is the center of the Tree of Life. The Dragon with the "grim, hardened heart" (Saturn and Tiphareth), which heart the very strong beautiful man (Magical Image of Yesod) Siegfried will run through (along the path of Samek) his Key VI (number of Tiphareth) invincible Sword (Zaiyn/Seven/Netzach) and kill him (Key XIII Death, the path between Netzach and Tiphareth). The Saturnian Dragon whose dying words include "Mark (Tav) how it ends (mortality/Saturn)! Think on me!" - his Cross (Tav) being fated (Saturn) to the "Rosy Hero" (Tiphareth, whose symbol is the Rose Cross) if Siegfried heeds not his advice. The Key XXI sacrificed Dragon whose blood bestows understanding (Binah/Saturn) of the speech (communication/Mercury/Beth/Path resting on Kether) of animals. The Dragon whose carcass stops up Mime and the Rheingold in his hole, serving as "watchman" of the Gold, just as like the eye of The Fool's purse. Key XV The Devil, assigned to Capricorn, ruled by Key XXI Saturn. The Evil Dragon bound to a hole to frighten (The Devil) away all who would claim the Ring.

Binah, sphere of Saturn, Crown of the Pillar of Severity. Gimel, three, number of Binah. The Dragon of three weapons, together spelling Quesheth - teeth (Shin), spittle (Qoph) and tail (Tav). Lizard of dark Neidhohle, a cave symbolic of the Sephira Daath where Saturn is on the Hexagram. The hole where two celestial (Wotan and Siegfried) and two terrestrial (Alberich and Mime) characters will form around in their interest in the Ring.

Salamanders, the Elemental Beings of Fire.

The Forest Bird

Key XVII the Mercurial Ibis atop the Tree of Knowledge. A Talking (Cheth) Bird (winged Disk of Key VII) atop the Limetree, communicating (Mercury) to Siegfried what he needs to know - what to take, what to get rid of, and the way to achieve his heart's desire, Brunnhilde (Cheth and Key XVII). Key XVII, whose number is VI with an X before and I after it. X and I, each reducing to one, number of Key I the communicator Mercury, ruling Gemini/Key VI and exalted in Aquarius/Key XVII. Key XVII, whose number less X is VII, where a Lingam (1) is in a Yoni (0) upon a winged disk. The Eagle of The Fool, representing in-tuition and guidance for the traveler. The guiding voice, which seekers in all places and times have heard in themselves and in nature around them. A Sylph, an Elemental Being of Air.

The Gibichungs

Mediocrity. The average over the exceptional. Acquiesence over leadership. The Gods charicatured, ruling their hall and host as does Wotan his Walhall and heroes. Niblungen charicatured, looking to obtain the Ring and rule the world. Images of Mortal-ity.

Gibichung Hall

A terrestrial reflection of Walhall above (see Walhall). Its vassals are charicatures of Walhall's heroes.


Masculine Mortality. Common Man. Common Mind. Selfconciousness.


Feminine Mortality. Common Woman. Common Emotion. Subconciousness.


The Niblungen Son, in charicature of Wotan. At the end of Gotterdammerung, he throws his Spear, Shield and Helmet, symbols of Wotan and his heroes, from him as he rushes mad towards the Rhinesisters. When seated with Spear, its Tip touches the earth. The demonic resolved into man, opposed to those that are divine resolved into man. Subhumanity. Symbol of the Mortal archetype Hunding, given lineage from Alberich below, contending with Mortal Siegfried, with lineage from Wotan above. Alberich's successor (see Alberich). The "Enemy of Love". Enemy of all associated with Key VI's Lovers. Child of Alberich and a mother he paid in gold to bear. Hagen, born of and to greed for gold. Law over Love, contending with the Law of Love. Letter over Spirit of Law, as Divine vows and oaths sworn upon his Spear bind the virtuous to its blasphemous retribution in the name of the Divine.

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