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The Magical Pantheon Of Wagner's Ring
©1995-2000 J. C. Kaelin

Part VI:


The Earth Mother. Gaea. Diana of Ephesus. Hecate. The Archetypal All-Wise and All-Knowing Woman. Kallah, the Bride of Malkuth, exalted upon the Throne of Binah. Wala the Prophetess. Key XXI The Universe or The World, around whom the Kerubim dispense the IHVH, "That which Was, and Is, and Will Be" - precisely as Erda says she knows. Reflective wisdom. Saturn reflective of Spirit, as is Binah of Wisdom. She never rises more that half her height above Earth, as Saturn rules the roots that go underneath it. The Stateliness of Binah, Saturn, and the Administrative Intelligence of Tav, reflected by her appearance, surrounded by long black hair.

Key II The High Priestess, the Magical Image of Binah, crowned by Kether, her stream of conciousness flowing into Tiphareth. Kallah on the Throne of Binah, ruling Malkuth, extending through the path of Tav/Saturn to the sphere of Yesod/Key II. Gimel, three, number of Binah. The Moon, whose Qabalistic Color is Blue. Yesod, colored Indigo in Atziluth. Saturn, also colored Indigo. She is surrounded by blue light, appearing under conditions of Darkness. Samekh, the path of resolution between Tiphareth and Yesod and between Gimel and Tav. Key XIV Temperance warning the end of the Gods. In Siegfried, she appears covered in hoar frost. Hoar frost in German is Reif, also used to refer to the Ring, having also the meanings of ripe and mature - all descending from Reifen, which also means hoop, as Erda is depicted on Key XXI.

The Isis of Nature. The Great Goddess of the Universe. The Universal Spirit. Fear - especially, fear born of Wisdom and Understanding. The Vagina. The Yoni.

The Nornen

Erda's daughters, three in number, who spin the fortune (Key X) and fate (Key XXI) of the universe upon the Wheel of Destiny. The first is oldest, in myth named Urd, representing the Past; the second is younger, named Skuld in myth, symbolizing the Present; and the third is youngest, the mythological Verdande, dispensing the Future. Symbolically, Key X pays out the rope of Destiny, and Key XXI (Tau - meaning Rope in German) binds the same. They are depicted surrounding the Ring of Key X. They warn Erda in Das Rheingold of a coming catastrophe, waking Erda out of her Eternal Sleep of Wisdom. They warn of the end of the Eternal (Endless) Gods, symbolizing the end of all that is holy. The power of the Rhinesisters evolved from primordial nature into dispensers of ancient wisdom. Weavers of the Rope of Fate, as the Rhinesisters are keepers of the Gold of the flowing Rhine. While Erda sleeps, they are awake, spinning and weaving what she dreams. They know what will be, but don't know how to change it.

The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost

The Rainbow Bridge between the Heaven and Earth. The Qabalistic Rainbow of Promise Quesheth pictured on Key XIV, whose Hebrew letters refer to the three paths leading downward to Malkuth. The bridge the gods will cross into Walhall at the end of the days of the Gods - just as Apocalypse 10:16 says a mighty angel with a rainbow on his head (pictured on Key XIV) will proclaim the end of time. The rainbow that appeared to Noah after the flood, assuring the cycles of day and night, summer and winter, etc. would continue. Froh introduces it in Das Rheingold, appearing as a beautiful rainbow. The reflection of the Beauty of the Sun. The Bridge made of air, fire and water - the elements of the three mother letters - spanning between Walhall above and the earth below, to the depths of Nibelheim.

The Walsungen (Volsungen, Volsunga):

(from Wahlsung, meaning "Children of Choice").

Siegmund and Sieglinde

("The Mouth of Victory" and "Victory's Limetree")

Key VI The Lovers, in some decks called The Choice. Adam and Eve, fathered by IHVH, who walked amongst them in the Garden of Eden. Children of Wolfe (Wolf) , also called Walse (Chooser, alliterative with Walze, Cylinder or Roll), aliases given them by their father, Wotan in the guise of The Wanderer. The Walsungen, Children of Choice, fathered by The Wanderer Wotan. Children of the Wolf of Key 0 (Golden Dawn Deck), Walse and Siegmund the Wolfing (Wolf-Cub) having traveled (Key 0) as wolves.

Key VI The Garden of Eden, with Siegmund the Mouth of Victory as Adam, before the Tree of Life's tongues of fire, and Sieglinde the Limetree of Victory, producing bitter fruit, as Eve before the serpent coiled around the Tree of Knowledge. Key VI the archetypal ancestral couple of mortal man, whose legacy to man is the Free Will personified by Siegfried, the rising son/sun above and between them. Key VI the mortal children of Key 0 Walse the Chooser, who chooses between them and their downfall to convention.

Key VI The Lover's Triangle. The triangles of Key V, VII, X, XIV, XV, XVI, and XVIII; also Keys XIII and XIX (B.O.T.A. and G.D.). Key V The Walsungen receiving the blessing of their union from their Father Wotan the High Priest. Key VII the opposite-sexed twins propelling Brunhilde towards her and their downfall, she being mounted upon a rock, her rocky mount being called in Siegfried a fell. Key X the three that Ring the Wheel of Fortune - Sieglinde as the Serpent at left, Siegmund as Hermanubis (Guide of the Dead) rounding the Wheel on the right, and Siegfried, winner of the Ring and Saviour of the Universe, atop the Wheel of Fortune with his Sword, Nothung (0), Child of Need. The Case and Wang G.D. Key XVIII Death, living and dying by the death-harvesting blade Nothung.

The Case and the divinatory Cicero G.D. Key XIV, where the fire and water they represent on Key VI consecrates and purifies each other. Key XIV the ancient Roman Bride and Groom exchanged in marriage, the groom giving fire to the bride, and the bride giving water to the groom, before arriving at Temple for the marriage ceremony. Key XV Wedlock and the "worse" of "for better or for worse", Siegmund and Hunding each bedeviled by the other in their contention for Sieglinde. Key XV Mars, exalted in Capricorn/Key XV, contending between two who, in their view (Aiyn/eye), are properly bound to Sieglinde by the ring of matrimony. Key XV the couple bound by nooses to a Ring. Key XVI the noble mortals overthrown by the God of War Mars/Wotan with the lightning and storm clouds that appear when Siegmund and Hunding contend in mortal combat.

Key XVIII Wolfing (Wolf-Cub) and Hunding (Little Dog), compelled by nature to contend for mates. Wotan's terrestrial creatures, between whom IHVH/Wotan must choose one over the another. Key XVIII The Wonnemond (Delightful Moon, the Full Moon of May/Gemini/Key VI), under which the Walsungen drama is played out. Key XVIII Sleep, function of Qoph, affecting Walsungen, Hunding and Brunnhilde alike in the course of time. Key XVIII their mountain depicted on Key VI, fated to Brunnhilde and Siegfried. Key VI, whose number multiplied by II/The High Priestess, path of the Rhine, produces XII/ The Hanged Man, Trump of water, depicting the reversal of Wotan. Key VI, whose number multiplied by III/The Empress Fricka, produces XVIII/ The Moon Trump, where Wotan's terrestrials must die for Fricka's honor.

Gemini, the Twins, assigned to Key VI The Lovers, ruled by Mercury, a symbol of free will, whose Hebrew letter Beth (two) implies choice. The Hero Twins Siegmund and Sieglinde, champions of Love over Greed, between whom is depicted both Brunnhilde, the Kerubic Angel who chooses to fall with them, and their Love-child Siegfried, resolved in the single image of Raphael, an Angel assigned both to the Kerubim and Mercury. Free Will, especially Free Will to Love, the magical agent which will save the universe.

Zaiyn the Weapon. Zaiyn the Sword. Siegmund, weapon-less (as though his weapons were thin air), the fated winner of the Sword Nothung, and Sieglinde, fated to be saved by he who can free Nothung from her Tree. The Free Will of Air, symbolized by the sword, assigned to Gemini/The Lovers and to Aleph/The Fool. Adam and Eve, whose banishment from Eden was enforced by sword-wielding Kerubim, depicted on Key VI by the Kerub Raphael between them. Zaiyn the Disposing Intelligence, affecting this outcome upon all so involved with it. Zaiyn, Seven, the number of Netzach, Victory. Victory, the meaning of the Walsungen name prefix, Sieg. Zaiyn, weapon, which Siegmund calls out for to "schwange in the storm" - schwange variously translated as "wield" or "swing", alliterative with zwange, to compel or constrain, from the root schwanger, meaning pregnant, which Siegfried will make Sieglinde to procreate their successor. The Sword Zaiyn, symbol of Air, clearly appearing on the pregnant mount between The Lovers on Waite's Key VI facing Siegmund, which their child, the Kerub of Air, shall claim as his birthright.

Walsungen, the chosen children, like the "chosen people" of the Bible, too often bearing the sad burden of being at odds with the world around them. It is important to interpret their marriage as the marrying of one's own spiritual kind, and not as a racial or other than spiritual union.


Their Progeny Siegfried:

See Siegfried.

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