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The Magical Pantheon Of Wagner's Ring
©1995-2000 J. C. Kaelin

Part V:

Fricka (Frigga)

Key III The Empress, the wife of The Emperor Wotan. Convention and the status quo - the order to be overthrown in the course of the Ring. AIMA, the Bright Fertile Mother, who in time becomes AMA, the Dark Sterile Mother. The dark aspect of Venus.

Freia (Freya)

Key III The Empress, the Lady Venus. The Golden-haired Goddess who tends the Golden Apples of Eternal Youth - Goddess and Apples both being reflections of the Rhinegold. AIMA, who will revert to AMA if kept from tending the Golden Apples that daily restore youth to the Gods. Dispenser of the Golden Apples of Eternal Youth or Immortality. Dispenser of the Fruit of the Tree of Life. The bright aspect of Venus. Key 0.

The Riesen


Key IV the Mason builders of Walhall. The craftsmen under the instruction of Key IV Wotan, Wise Chief Architect of the building of Walhall, whose orders were carried out by these rebellious twins' labors. Builders of the stone edifice the Riesen raised upon the summit of Wotan's steep rocky mount. Key IV The Mason seated on the cubic stone, holding Crux Ansanta from which the working tools of a Mason are to be derived. The Twin Masonic Pillars, Jachin (Fasolt) and Boaz (Fafner), at the porch of Key IV Wise King Solomon's Temple. The Twin Pillars of Mercy (Fasolt) and Severity (Fafner). The Twin Giants that ruled the Earth they towered over, before the rule of the Gods lead by Wotan.

Donner (Thor)


Key I The Magician, who calls the Lightning down from the sky with a Lightning Rod. Key I Wearer of the red Mantle of Mars. Key XVI/Mars the Lightning Rod. Lightning personified. Mars, Sphere of Geburah, manifest as Lightning cast from Above to Below on Key XVI, ruling both Key IV Donner with his Hammer and Key XIII Death and Renewal, and exalted in dismissing the evil surrounding Key XV. Mars, God of War, as is Wotan, each representing Executive Power - Wotan the power itself, and Thor its dispenser. Appearing only in Das Rheingold, the force he unleashes operates throughout the Ring.

Donner's Hammer

The Hammer/Crux Ansanta of Key IV. The resolution of the weapons representing the four Aces of the Tarot in the Ring. The Golden Dawn's Hammer of Thor, their Badge of Admission to the 1=10 Rosicrucian Grade of Zelator. Referred to the Kingdom (Malkuth) and Crown (Kether), just as his hammer swings from Above (1) to Below (10). The Clockwise Fylfot Cross or Swastika (which reversed became the Nazi Swastika - though both were used by them, to the greater blasphemy of the symbol). The Hammer of Zealous Donner. The Hermetic (Key I) axiom of "As Above, So Below". As Donner/Mars swings his Key IV/Aries Magical Hammer to disperse the clouds of doubt surrounding the Gods, so Donner/Key XVI calls the Stormclouds together, and with a blow from his Hammer delivers the lightning and thunder (Shin) that brings the rain (Qoph) that clears the clouds (Tav's Kerubim) of gloom surrounding the Earth (Malkuth) - that the Sun (Raish and Tiphareth) might shine and show the Rainbow Bridge (Samek/Quesheth) that leads to shining Walhall, refuge from darkness (The Star/Tzaddi).

Froh (Frey)

("Joy" - "Happiness")

God of Golden Sunshine and Beauty. Tiphareth, sphere of Gold, the Sun and Beauty. God of warm summer showers. Summoner of the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost after Donner dismissed the clouds of doubt in Das Rheingold. The Sun interacting with clouds to produce the rainbow. Key VI Cupid, the God of Love. Happiness. The entity invoked by the Ring's heroic characters when they exclaim their wish to be froh. Upon seeing Freia taken by the Riesen, he calls her to him, saying "Froh protects the Beautiful One".

Loge (Loki)

(Literally "(Theater) Box" - from Lugh, meaning "Fire" and "Light").

Fire. Alchemical Sulphur. Key XX Judgment, whose Title refers to the Mercurial capacities that rule over the path of Shin, whereon is depicted a stone box. Key XX Mercury manifesting as Fire upon the Earth. Lucifer, Bearer of Light and Fire. Fire personified, distinguished from Key IV/Wotan, Imperial Lord of Celestial Fire, and Key XV/Alberich, Lord of the Terrestrial Fire he employs in his smithing. Being half-god, he is Wotan and Alberich resolved. Beth, Mercury. Beth, two, number of Chokmah, the Sephirothic Root of Fire. Two, number of diabolism, deceit, and duplicity of nature, reflected by his half-divine status. The Hermetic Praxis of Above and Below. The messenger (Hermes) between the Gods above and world below, for purposes of communication and intelligence.

"To depths and to heights

I go as I will."

Key XV The Devil, whose half-man/ half-beast standing upon half-truth represents his half-god/ half-man status standing on a box. Mercurial untruthfulness (Luge, meaning Liar)- whether real or imagined. Infernal Spirit summoned for advice in cunning and craft.

The Ring

Matter over Spirit. Form over Substance. Dis-integration, as the Ring was extracted from the Rhinegold by forswearing the integrating principle which is love. Power over Love. The true Ring of Life is the No-Thing That Is Everything, the E-ternal ("Not Time") Being. The 0, including all creation, whose point is nowhere and whose circumference is everywhere. Bondage. Those thing to which we are bound that are divorced (as a Ring is a symbol of marriage) from universal truth. Circumscription - not the Masonic bounding of passion by virtue, but rather the Satanic (Key XV) binding of virtue by passion.


The power of illusion. Transformative power. The power of Mem, which causes appearance to change. It can make anyone who wears it invisible, and change into anything one chooses. This power of appearance and illusion is all in the Eye of Aiyn, referred to Key XV, in which is exalted the Planet of Maya/Illusion, Key XXI.

Siegfried thinks it "half hid him" when he went to Brunnhilde's Fell.

Can transport a person anywhere in a flash.


Key XXI Saturn, ruling Capricorn/Key XV The Devil, whereon is a Ring, and exalted in Libra/Key XI, whereon is a Sword, and pretending to the Throne of Binah. Mercury, Hod, whose smithy craft is plied over the the fires of Judgment/Shin and the Child of The Sun/Raish Siegfried. Hod, Foundation of the paths of The Devil/Ayin/Niblungen and The Hanged Man/Mem/Wotan. The Lower Mercury, seeking through craft to have the warrior (Peh/Mars) Siegried use his Sword (Zayin/Netzach) to kill (Nun/Death) for the Ring (Kaph/Jupiter) and the riches (Jupiter/Chesed) of the Rhinegold (Sun/Tiphareth), that he might have power (Geburah) of Peh (Mars) over The Hanged Man/Mem/Wotan and exalt himself in charicature of his position (Mars exalted in Capricorn/Ayin). The lower mind, imitative but skillful, crafty and cunning, distinguished from intelligence and inspiration. Pretension. The lower nature. The concrete mind.

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