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The Magical Pantheon Of Wagner's Ring
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Part III:

The Ring Cycle

The story is based upon the Niblungenlied, which was contemporary with Parzival as the crystallization of the epic poetry emerging out of the dark ages in the early 13th century. It was adapted by Wagner to incorporate what different versions of key events (in the Eddas and elsewhere) of the saga inspired, in order to tell his conception of its mysteries as archetypically appropriate and metaphysically accurate as possible. It tells the central myth of creation, that of birth, life, death and resurrection, appearing in many forms throughout world mythos, which in the Ring is called Sleeping and Waking.

The Pantheon (in order of appearance):

The Rhine

The Stream of Consciousness, crowned by Kether, flowing from the robe of Key II The High Priestess, into Tiphareth, wherein is the Rheingold, the Solar Heart of Creation. The prima materia. The life-giving blood of the Universe. The font of the waters of life and of the Four Qabalistic Rivers. Mem, water. Key XII The Hanged Man, depicting Wotan hanging from the World Ash Tree, symbol of death and resurrection, referred to in the Ring as Sleeping and Waking.

The Rhinesisters

Innocent primordial nature, newly issued from the prima materia, whose expression is inherently primitive. The Three of Cups, as depicted in Waite's deck. The three-fold principle of Binah, Sephirothic Root of Water. Gimel, three, letter of Key II The High Priestess, source of the Stream of Consciousness and bearing the Magical Image of Binah. Primordial Trinity. Faith, Hope and Love (or Charity). The three pillars of the Tree of Life. The three roots of the World Ash Tree. The three psychological principles of Selfconciousness (Mind), Subconciousness (Emotion) and Superconciousness (Spirit). The three Rings of KThR, Sephirothic source of Key II's River: Kaph (Wheel of Fortune), Tav (The World), and Raish (the fairy Ring and the Orb of The Sun). The three creatures surrounding the Ring of Key X. The three mother letters. Generally, Woglinde represents Emotion, Subconciousness and the Pillar of Mercy; Wellgunde, Mind, Selfconciousness and the Pillar of Severity; and Flosshilde, Spirit, Superconciousness and the Pillar of Equilibrium. Undines, the Elemental Beings of Water.

The Niblungen

("Children of the Mist")

A race of dwarven smiths who forge metal in their underworld city of Nibelheim. They work in the fiery bowels of the earth, fired by the path of Shin. Relative to all smith Gods, especially Hephaestus. Infernal being. Key XV The Devil. Saturn, ruling Capricorn/Key XV, exalted in the litigation of Libra/Key XI, and assigned to Binah, in opposition to Chokmah/Wotan. Gnomes, beings of the Element of Earth.


Key IV The Emperor, infernally inverted. Key IV Alberich with Hammer and Ring depicted as the Crux Ansanta, his anvil as the Cube, and his fire symbolized by his Sulphur symbol pose. Lord of Terrestrial and Infernal Fire. Key XV The Devil, pretending to Key IV's position through the power of the Rhine-Gold (Sun/Tiphareth) between. Key XV Alberich binding people (particularly couples) to a Ring on his anvil, which serves to elevated his position. Aiyn, the Eye, in quest of Heh's sight. Alberich the continuos watcher of the Ring. The contention of Key XV over Key IV. Mars, in contention against Key XVI The Tower, ruling Aries/Key IV and Scorpio/Key XIII Death, exalted in Capricorn/Key XV, and assigned to Geburah, in opposition to Chesed/Jupiter/Wotan. Peh, the Mouth, pronouncing the fatal Ring curse. Severity over Mercy. Matter over Spirit. Faust. Infernal dramatization of Saturnian Dominion and Slavery. The testing of virtue, which brings about the Purification by Water and Consecration by Fire that will save the Universe. The choice of bondage in selfish greed over the bonds of selfless love.

The Rhinegold

The Solar Gold of the Heart of Creation. Gold as an emblem of the Sun as the source of all things. The Sun, whose daily circuit of Day and Night creates a Ring around Heaven and Earth. "The Gold that Sleeps and Wakes". The universal life force, from which the active (waking) and passive (sleeping) aspects of Nature are derived. The One Thing, within which all accords, and into which all resolves. Life, manifest in cycles between opposing forces - life and death, rise and fall, construction and destruction, activity and passivity. 0, the cyclical numeral representing the No-Thing that is Everything. The Ace of Coins, made of circular Gold. Infinite Power (as a Ring has no beginning or end), unleashed when forged as a Ring by one forswearing love. Spirit in Matter. Pure nature. Ideal creation. The Divine perfectly united with form in both the Microcosm and Macrocosm. The Philosopher's Stone. The point within the circle-ring around which the Rhinesisters swim. Referred to by the Rhinesisters as "The Wakener" and the "Star of the Deep" - referring to the titles of Mary, depicted on Key II, of The Eastern Star and Stella Maris. True Beauty. Perfect Innocence.

Walhall (Valhalla)

(Literally, "Hall of the Slaughtered"; "Hall of the Slain"; "Hall of the Fallen")

The abode of the Gods and Noble Humanity, whose acts of bravery gain them entry and eternal renown. The Celestial City, first appearing in morning mist atop a high rocky mountaintop. The crowned mountain top of Keys XIV and XVIII, built atop the sheer rocky heights of Key IV, invisible on the mountains of Keys VI, VIII and IX. The rocky summit of the Spirit of Aither, proceeding from the Kether the Crown. The walled city of Key VII. The Watchtower of Key XVI, which will be destroyed when the old order gives way to the new. Key IV's high sheer rock, standing before a river valley. Key IV Walhall, standing before the Rhine River Valley. Key VII the walled city on the river's far side. Key VII walled Walhall on the far side of the Rhine. The stone edifice raised by the rebellious Riesen Masons Fasolt (Jachin/Mercy) and Fafner (Boaz/Severity) by order of Key IV Wotan the Grand Architect of the Universe, Lord of Reason. The symbolic reward of all who have mastered fear.

The Gods

The 12 Greek Olympians, ruling the Universe from Mt. Olympus. Key 0 The Fool, distinguished from Key XXI Niblungen. Spirits of Aither, ruling the Universe from Mt. Abiegnus. The Aesir, the 12 Gods who rule the Universe from the mount of Walhall. The Asynjur, the 24 Goddesses of the Nordic Pantheon. The 36 deities of the Ring of the Gods. The Deities of the 36 Decans of the Ring of the Zodiac. The Ring that is the 0 of Key 0. Foolishness. Innocence untried. Keys II and III, for the Women. Keys I and IV for the Men. Keys V, VI and VII. The Supernal Triad, dispensing its power through the Sephiroth of Yetziratic World centered in Tiphareth, to affect the outcome of matters upon the Assiatic World.

In the Ring, there are five main gods, Erda, and the Norns and the half-god Loge to start with. More are added with the birth of the Walkuren.

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